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Agricultural Reforms in Australia Agricultural Products

Question: Discuss about theAgricultural Reforms in Australiafor Agricultural Products. Answer: Introduction The Australian agricultural sector is faced by very many challenges that need to be addressed in order to sustain the future supply of agricultural products (Lockie, 2015). Australian is a big producer and exporter of agricultural products. Thus the sector is a rich source of foreign earnings. Agricultural products are in daily demand as they support the food that is consumed on daily basis. The production size of Australian agriculture is big enough to serve its whole economy. Since this capacity is produced by fewer number of farmers, it is an indicator that the economy has a great potential for expansion. If all the challenges facing the sector were addressed and various reforms established on the same, this potential could be used to raise the production level. This paper will cover the major challenges that face this sector and how they have been addressed. Some farmers are not aware of the reforms that has taken place and therefore this paper will raise their awareness. The pap er will recommend the gap for other reforms and therefore important to the policy makers who are trying to raise the incentives for increased production. According to Gray, Oss-Emer and Sheng (2014) reforms helps in improving productivity. Article Analysis The article Farm groups have welcomed the Federal Government's plan for Australia's agricultural future, particularly tax reforms and changes to Farm Management Deposits (FMD) by Anna Vidot is concerned with the problem of capital financing that is difficult for Australian farmers to access (Vidot, 2015). Generally, its not easier to insure against bad weather conditions that an economy faces since this may be very costly since all farmers would be affected and the compensation will be demanded for all. This reason has made Australian farmers to be considered very risky borrowers in Australian banks. This has subsequently lowered the level of capital for innovation and process expansions. The Farm Management Deposits (FMD) is one of the important reforms that the Australian farmers have been longing for and were pleased to hear of its implementation (, 2016). Vidot noted that the previous level of the maximum FMD of $ 400,000 was insufficient to meet the many obligations th at farmers need during a crisis and that the doubling of this amount to $ 800,000 would make farmers better off (Mcmahon and Cardwell, 2015). He argued that higher FMD would help in offsetting their business loans thus lowering their interest costs which has gone up as observed below. Fig: Australian farm debt Source: Keogh (2017) The government also intervened to ensure that an additional feature is added to make the FMD more effective; tax concession wont be lost when obtaining this money and thus drought affected farmers will be able to benefit fully (, 2016). Fiona Simson the president of NSW Farmers' Association supported this idea by noting that the innovation was good and would be very helpful to many farmers who live in drought. Fiona also said that the concessional loans offered to drought stricken farmers should continue being offered. Further, Vidot noted that the Australian farmers are speculating on the government coming up with a program for multi-peril crop insurance which would help in mitigating crop risks faced by the farmers. This would ensure that the farmers are insured before they get their crops on the ground such that failure for the crops to develop well would attract some compensation from the insuring body of the government. By compensation here, the proposal meant that it would include all the input costs that the farmers incur such as seed, labor, fertilizers, and many others. The challenge of financing problem is normally faced by those small farmers who doesnt have collaterals to offer in order to obtain loan from banks. In the current period, every bank is demanding some form of collateral to back up loans since the defaults rates have gone up. This puts the small farmers at a greater risk of exiting the market. Their availability of capital will raise their productivity. The large farmers are not affected since they possess many assets that could be used as collateral and its thus easier for them to expand their operations. Another challenges facing the Australian agriculture is the unfavorable climate. Some Australian states receive little rainfall that is insufficient for crop development (Kingwell, 2013). Therefore, most of agriculture in Australia is based on irrigation. However, the problem of less rainfall has resulted in less water available for irrigation since the government is also concerned on the future of water supply (Iggulden, 2015). Vidot noted that the idea of the government constructing dams was a good innovation as it would help in ensuring that there is sufficient water to be used for irrigation and other purposes in future. Lastly. The article also noted that Australian farmers has many challenges in the trading of their products due to the inadequacy of information about the potential markets such as Asia. Thus, the need for the government to spend more on RD was welcomed. Recommendations Though the multi-peril crop insurance is meant to help farmers, I would argue against it. This would be on the basis that it would create a disincentive for the farmers to manage their crops when they observe that the climate is becoming worse since they bear in mind that they will lose nothing. The compensation is able to cover for all the losses. I would back up the idea of increased spending on RD as it would make it easier for the farmers to access the outside market thus creating a large market subsequently creating an incentive to produce and supply more. Conclusion The primary role of the reform on FMDs was to help small farmers face their risks at a better position. It would minimize the effects of not receiving loans from banks. The additional feature of no loss in tax concessions makes it easier and attractive for farmers to deposit and withdraw. The money will accumulate in the depository system if a good season is experienced for some years and the farmer will have a firm base when the bad season comes. References (2016). Farm Management Deposits. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Apr. 2017]. (2016). Farm management deposits scheme. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Apr. 2017]. Gray, M., Oss-Emer, M. and Sheng, Y. (2014). Australian agricultural productivity growth: Past reforms and future opportunities. Canberra: ABARES research report 14.2. Iggulden, T. (2015). Murray-Darling irrigation reforms clouded by portfolio confusion. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Apr. 2017]. Keogh, M. (2017). Not a bad time to be a farmer. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Apr. 2017]. Kingwell, R. (2013). Australia's farming future: Western Australia. [Online] The Conversation. Available at: [Accessed 19 Apr. 2017]. Lockie, S. (2015) Australias agricultural future: the social and political context. Report to SAF07 Australias Agricultural Future Project. Melbourne: Australian Council of Learned Academies. Mcmahon, A. and Cardwell, N. (2015). Research handbook on EU agriculture law. Cheltenham [u.a.], Edward Elgar. Vidot, A. (2015). Farmers approve of White Paper vision. [Online] ABC Rural. Available at: [Accessed 19 Apr. 2017].

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Study of the Causes of the Juvenile Crime Rate free essay sample

Many people live that the increase in real life violence on television is a cause for violence in juveniles. I will discuss the evidence for this theory. It seems to me that the best theory to explain the rise In Juvenile crime Is the social constructionist theory. Different sub-cultures of teens have higher crime rates than others because of their interests, whether it be the music that they listen to or the types of television programs that they watched as child. In the early sasss a new form of Hip-Hop music appeared In America known as Gangs-Rap. This style of Hip-Hop had lyrics pertaining to killing police, gang warfare, guns, and robberies. This style of music perked interest in teenagers across the country. Song titles such as F*KC the Police gave laughter to teenagers in middle and upper class America, but for these rap artists, the lyrics they wrote were their way of life. We will write a custom essay sample on Study of the Causes of the Juvenile Crime Rate or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Gangs;Rap culture came straight from the worst neighborhoods on the Pacific Coast of the united States, where this kind of lifestyle was led by sasss of people stuck in the slums of America.Could the years from these kind of songs promote violence In low Income areas where teens look up to these Rap artists? Teenagers that grow up In neighborhoods that are considered low-income (more so n larger cities than suburban areas) have a very low amount of opportunities to leave these areas and become successful in life. Teens in these areas are looking for the easy way out. There Isnt many legal ways of getting out of a slum and becoming successful. Teens In these areas are more likely to sell drugs and perform robberies to make money than hold a steady job.In essence, crime is already higher in low- income areas than it is in higher-income areas. When gangs rap was introduced in the early sasss, It became very popular with people facing the same problems as these rap artists had In their childhood. These rappers glorified murder, violence, and drug dealing in their songs which perked the ears of many teens in the struggle. Hearing the people that they look up to preach this way of life, opened more doors for crime in these tens lives.Many teens get heavily involved in the music that they listen to. A large amount of evidence of this can be found by looking at the hard- core crowds that follow different types of music. The Punk Rock culture is a good example. Many kids that are introduced to punk rock music incorporate the music into their way of life. They dress in tight Jeans with oleos, have odd and sometimes even ridiculous hair styles, piercing, tattoos, and their way of life is to not care about anything. Hard-core punk music Is usually hate based.Hate for the government, society, drugs, and other issues.. The teens that get 1 OFF they dislike about their surroundings. The hippie culture, driven by asss music that preached peace, exercised what they heard in the music that they cherished. They promoted peace and protested against things such as war and hate. I point out that all of the people that are part of these cultures surrounding music, for the most part, use the music they listen to and incorporate it into their belief systems and their ways of everyday life.As I have said earlier, Gangs-Rap lyrics revolve around guns, violence, crime, and drugs. Juveniles that are influenced easily by the music that they hear, incorporate these things into their way of thinking. This I believe is what was responsible for the rise in violence from 1990 to 1995. Gangs-Rap doesnt preach peaceful confrontation and working out problems. Teens that live in slums would seem to be more prone to follow the words the rap artists that they look up to because of the similarities in their circumstances.This in theory is what has driven more teens than ever to get involved in crime. Television is said to be part of the reason for a rise in Juvenile crime. I believe that this pertains more to teens that are not in the large city, low-income category . My reasoning for this is that families in larges cities that live in slums have a low probability of having cable television. This means that their children dont have many opportunities to watch violent programs. For 40 years there has been violence on TV. Starting with Western style shoot out movies in the sasss.The violence in these types of media were not as graphic and al-life like as they are today. Children could often make the Judgment that the software violence in older television shows was fake. Technological developments in the film industry n the late sasss has allowed the violence on television to come to a point where it is very believable. Along with this has come a tolerance for more violence on TV. Children watching films and TV shows from the late sasss on, see this kind of violence and to them it is real.A study done found that the greater was a boys preference for violent television at age 8, the greater was his aggressiveness both at that time and ten years later (Leftwing 115-116). Researchers performed a follow-up study on the subjects of the previous experiment when they subjects were 30 years old and found that The violent programming they had watched was related to the seriousness of the crimes they committed, how aggressive they were to their spouses, and even how aggressive their own kids were (Leonard Iron, cited in Gilbert DID).With a rise in portraying real-life violent crime on Television in the past decade, along with the fact that almost every child in America has access to a television (in contrast to 40 years ago when a TV was a luxury), many people believe hat this is the cause for more crimes being committed by teens in America. In order to conduct my research on showing that these 2 cases are the prevalent factors in the increase of Juvenile violence from 1990 up to the present, I will need funding.I wish to perform a cohort study on a population of 5000 boys [only boys because of the greater incidence, frequency, heterogeneity, seriousness, and persistence of male delinquency (Wolfgang, Thornier, and Foggily, 1987)] throughout the Lancaster County area. Starting in January of 2002, 5000 boys at the television and the shows they watched will be studied thoroughly. Studies of the crimes they commit, drug and alcohol use, and their correlations to television will studied also. The familys socio-economic status will be studied to evaluate it as any evidence off factor. A cohort study will also be done on 500 of the boys siblings that are close in age to examine any similarities amongst them. I feel this study will provide sufficient information on the correlation between Juvenile delinquency and television. I wish to perform another cohort study involving 2500 boys from middle and upper class families, and 2500 boys from lower class families in the Lancaster County area. Starting at the same date as the television study, it will involve children of age 10. I will examine these children until the age of 17.The reason for the separation of the study is to determine any link between family income, surroundings, and crime rate. Careful observation will be taken of the habits of the music listened to throughout the 8 year period. The dress style of each teen will be closely examined. The reason for this is when teens get past a point of just listening to music and become closely knit with a style of music, many times their style of dress will resemble that of the music they listen to. This can be seen in any highlights looking at different clicks[hippies, bunkers, and gangsters (There is no dominant term used for this group.It is the group deeply involved in rap music. They wear lots of gold Jewelry, medallions, etc, and have their pants sagged low)]. I will perform a study of crimes, drug use, aggressiveness, and academic standings of the teens involved. Many vital statistics will come out of these studies. These statistics can be used to study many different correlations between Juveniles and crime. This knowledge can be used for future reference in the fight to lower Juvenile crime rates and understand problems before they start.

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Indian view essays

Indian view essays The Indian writing titled, I Went to Kill the Deer, by the Taos Pueblo Indians introduced a very unique kind of perspective about the universe. For one, the writing offers the suggestion of personification. In other words, the writer gave things that arent alive human characteristics and traits. An example of this would be when he says, The heart of the mountain beats(Taos Pueblo). When he refers to the mountain as having a heart, it makes one think that the tribe views the mountain as being alive as a kind of symbol of their respect for nature. Secondly, the writing infers that animals communicate with one another. In the writing, the eagle tells the deer theres danger. A hunter writes, An eagle saw me coming and/ Flew down to the home of the deer/ And told him that a hunter came to kill(Taos Pueblo). This shows their understanding that creatures of the same kind need to stick together to protect each other. Otherwise, there would be no need for an animal which preys on the dead to warn another of being killed. Thirdly, the writing implies that there is always going to be different unknown territory of some kind for every species. The deer runs to a place in which it is safe from the man. As the hunter says, The deer went with the eagle/ Into the heart of the mountain/ Safe from me who did not hear/ The heart of the mountain beating(Taos Pueblo) He can not feel the heart beat because it is not his territory or his right to be there. So in a way, the Taos Pueblo Indians dont think of themselves any different or better than anything else because they have a respect for life and the universe. ...

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Foods that Increase Brain Activity and Prevent Decline by

Foods that Increase Brain Activity and Prevent Decline Foods that Increase Brain Activity â€Å"Smart foods,† they’re called – foods that enhance brain activity and that keep the brain healthy as the body ages. We now know, from research, that certain elements in some foods have a positive impact on the brain. While much of this testing has occurred with rats, the implications for human brains are certainly there. The elements that are now known to improve brain health and to help prevent brain health decline are Omega-3’s, glucose, blood supply, and anti-oxidants. In fact, the research shows that oxidants are more detrimental to the brain than to any other organ in the body. If you would like detailed information about these studies, there are load of essays online that summarize them. Nevertheless, foods rich in these elements should be added to everyone’s diet right now, no matter what age you are. Blueberries: Studies show that this superfood improves learning capacity and motor skills in animal studies. As well, they protect the brain from oxidants, and more recent studies indicate that there may be properties that retard dementia and Alzheimer’s. Recommended daily amount is 1 cup. Wild Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote good brain function and to reduce or delay effects of aging. These are also found in sardines and herring, and the recommended amount is at least one service 2-3 times a week. Nuts and Seeds: These foods are really high in Vitamin E, a nutrient that is also known to retard the aging of the brain as we age. 1 ounce per day of most any type of nut plus sunflower and sesame seeds is recommended. Vitamin E is also found in peanut butter if that is preferred. Avocados: One of the best benefits of avocados is that they contribute to good blood flow. The brain, like any other organ, relies on a strong blood supply. This food also lowers blood pressure, a condition which, over time, is a factor in the decline of cognitive abilities. Recommended amount is  ¼ -  ½ of one avocado once a week. This food is very high in fat content and calories, so this is the reason for the lower recommended amount. Whole Grains: Everyone should eat at least 3 servings a day of whole grain foods – oatmeal, whole grain cereals, and whole wheat or rye breads. First, these foods lower cholesterol, a leading cause of plaque buildup in the arteries. This buildup decreases blood supply to the brain, and can cause a stroke or heart attack. Both of these events disrupt the flow of blood to the brain. Whole grains also stimulate blood flow, so there is a double-plus to eating the recommended amount. Beans: The brain relies on glucose, and it does not store this nutrient. So, it is important that a steady supply of glucose get to the brain so that it is maintained in a healthy condition. While beans do not of themselves have glucose in them, they do regulate the flow of glucose throughout the body and ensure that the brain gets an adequate supply. Everyone should eat  ½ cup of beans every day. Pomegranates and other bright/dark colored vegetables and fruits. Pomegranates are mentioned specifically because, of all fruits and vegetables, they have the highest amount of anti-oxidants. Other fruits and vegetables include broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, dark berries and grapes, dark lettuce, carrots, asparagus, and squash. Red wines are also full of antioxidants. 5 servings a day please. Tea: If it is freshly brewed tea (no instant!), there are moderate amounts of caffeine which does enhance focus and memory. Tea, especially green tea, also contains anti-oxidants. 2-3 cups a day is ideal. Dark Chocolate: Yes! This is a huge source of anti-oxidants, and it also have moderate levels of caffeine. A recommended daily amount is  ½ - 1 ounce each day. Hopefully, there are some foods on this list that you really like. If so, and there are others you just can’t abide, at least increase the amounts of those foods that you do like. Scientists have located a protein in the brain that is definitely linked to Alzheimer’s, so keeping that protein functioning properly is important. â€Å"Brain foods† will help!

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Mutiple intelligence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Mutiple intelligence - Essay Example According to Howard Gardner there are seven types of intelligences: musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. The naturalist type of intelligence was added after Gardner developed the seven types of intelligence (Levitin, 507-520) (Daniel L. Levitin is a prominent American cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, record producer, musician, and writer). The theory of multiple intelligences has brought a pragmatic approach that would allow cultivation of student’s strengths towards learning and how we define intelligence. Numerous educators, parents, researchers, and students deemed the idea of multiple intelligences as important however, multiple intelligences theory has also risen criticisms among scholars in the field of psychology. My goal in this paper is to investigate the issues surrounding multiple intelligences by examining the point of view of Howard Gardner and those critics of the multiple intelligences theory. To achieve this goal, this paper will discuss four main sections, two of which have sub-sections. The first section will discuss the history of multiple intelligences, together with the evolution of the definition of intelligence. The second section will discuss each type of multiple intelligences, and issues surrounding the multiple intelligence theory will be discussed in the third section. Lastly, the fourth section will discuss the impact of multiple intelligence theory on the education of America. The history of multiple intelligences started through the attempts to reform the common notion of the term â€Å"intelligence†. More often, people measured intelligence through the ability to solve problems, to find the answers to specific questions, and to learn new material quickly and

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How do the Bankers Bonuses Affect the Investment Behaviour Research Paper

How do the Bankers Bonuses Affect the Investment Behaviour - Research Paper Example The concerns and the perception have changes and numerous controversial ideas have changed the bankers’ bonuses ideologies significantly. Therefore, the research aims at identifying and analyzing the effects of bankers’ bonuses to the banking investment especially in relation to the performance of the banks. The main aim of the bonus banking is to balance long-term and short-term value creation and satisfying accountability of the stakeholders with the intent of attracting, retaining, and motivation talent. However, what is the underlying reality of this motivational system The research shall answer this concern by seeking the  response to the following question: In the journal, Banker’s pay structure and Risk, John Thanassoulis addresses the contrasting problems facing the banks and bankers. According to Thanassoulis, these contrasting banking problems are embedded in the competitive labor market where the banks are seeking best talents. Additionally, Thanassoulis notes that banks often use various motivation efforts that vary with the remuneration. However, the introduction of the remunerations motivations makes banks risk shifting problems by creating incentives that will only inflate the early earnings of the managers. In most cases, the management of some bonuses is of deferred optimally. Thanassoulis further notes that

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Greek mythological poem Essay Example for Free

Greek mythological poem Essay Subject: the poem is a Greek mythological poem about King Midas of Phrygia who had his wish granted everything he touches turns into gold. The poem is about the consequences of choosing money and greed which is presented to the readers through the wifes perspective. Duffy presents a wide range of emotions through Mrs. Midass persona. Mrs. Midas complains about his husbands selfishness and greed. Duffy gives a voice to women unheard in history. Duffy takes a historical character and translates them into present day. Mrs. Midas turns the noble king Phrygia into a pathetic greed middle-aged man.  The mood changes as the poem proceeds, reaching its peak of fear in the fifth to eleventh stanza then calmly comes down as Midas draws close to death. The language the character uses informs the reader about the mood of the poem. In the second and third of the first stanza Midas uses personified the kitchen as its steamy breath gently blanching the windows. This sets the calm relaxing atmosphere of the poem before the crisis. The poem is calm because Mrs. Midas uses smoothly and well-skilled sentences. The intonation changes suddenly, the sentences become short and factual lexis is used. For example in the fifth stanza Mr. Midas said I moved the phone. Mrs. Midas does this to make the situation seem more urgent chaotic and panicky. Short sentences are used in this poem to speed p the narration as the chaos happens in the poem. After the crisis is over, she reverts to her earlier relaxing mood. For example she said in last stanza Mrs. Midas said I miss most, even now, his warm hands on my skin, his touch. The language of the poem used by Mrs. Midas is elevated register. She uses descriptive lexis in the poem. This will be described further in the analysis.  The poem is a universal, therefore everyone can read it. The poem is moral lesson. For example in the sixth stanza Mrs. Midas said it feeds no one talking about gold. The moral lesson Duffy tries to teach us is money is a means to an end not an end, meaning money can be used to pay food to feed a person but it cant physically feed a person. Money is not a solution to everything as she addresses the middle class who adore money. The class backgrounds of the characters are middle-classes as they drink Italian wine. Wealth is trivial if not used to solve problems like in this poem. Mrs. Midas uses adverbs such gently to emphasis how calm and relaxed she was before the crisis.  In the first stanza Mrs. Midas uses personification, for instance she said the ground seems to drink the light of the sky. The dynamic verb drink personifies the ground as a human. The quote means the day changes to night. Mrs. Midas uses symbolism in the poem; rich symbolizes gold referring to Midas having to spit out the golden corn out of his mouth. Another symbolism used in the poem is work of art which symbolizes a statue which her husband would turn her into like he touches her. What is Liberal Democracy? Liberal Democracy is an indirect and representative form of democracy whereby the right to rule is gained through success in competitive elections on the basis of political equality. In a liberal Democratic state the people are protected by individual rights such as the civil rights in America and a constitutional government which based on rules set out in a codified constitution like in the US constitution.  Mrs. Midas uses metaphors through out the poem. For example, Mrs. Midas said turning the spare room into the tomb of Tutankhamun. Her husband is turning his room into gold, mythological compared to the Egyptian pharaohs tombs which were dressed with gold. What is Democracy?  Democracy is rule by the people. This is reflected in the idea of government by the people therefore key political decisions are made by the people. Democracy reflects the idea of equal citizenship whereby each citizen has the right to influence political decisions. For example, in February 2003 one and a half million citizens took to the streets of London. They are protesting against UKs involvement in the Iraq war. This reflects people power to influence political decisions. England is an example of a democratic state while North Korea is an example of an undemocratic state. Duffy uses a simile to make an internal rhyme its amber eyes /holding their pupils like flies. This intensifies the interior personal life of the woman. Another internal rhyme dream/streaming is used to suggest that she will have a solitary life.  Duffy uses repetition in the poem. For example in the sixth stanza Mrs. Midas said have wishes; granted. But who has wished granted? Duffy uses clever wordplay the first phrase is used as to notice that Midas has his wish granted and the second is turned into a question by using the past verb granted. Duffy does this to achieve a verbal humour. Define Representative democracy  Representative democracy is a limited and indirect form of democracy whereby the representatives act and speak on behalf of the people. The representatives can be chosen and removed by the public through elections. In a representative democratic state popular participation in government is limited and indirect to the act of voting very few years for a representative to represent them. There are uses of rhetoric in the poem. For example in the last stanza Mrs. Midas uses a repair his hands, his warm hands. Duffy uses repair to make Mrs. Midas character seem more realistic.  The poem is made up of eleven sestet stanzas. Most of the stanza are arranged perfectly to form a stanza. However in the in the fifth stanza the lines are merely joined together to make a stanza they are separated.